Happy 1st Birthday Comichype!


Not sure if Batman was crazy about this idea.

The end of this month marks our first birthday here at comichype and I couldn’t be happier with how things have gone in year one. Creating and managing this blog and website has been a fun and educational experience, which truthfully, feels like we’re just getting started. To everyone who has read one of our articles, liked our Facebook page, commented on a post, or has visited their local comic store or attended a comic event because of our feedback and information on a specific book, writer, artist, or character, thank you! We blog comics because we enjoy them and our goal is to share comics and comic related media with you and your family with the goal of encouraging readership and community participation. Comics, superheroes, and villains are a lot of fun and can even bring families, and us as a people, closer together. Comics have always included what’s happening in our day-to-day world as they often reference politics, religion, civil rights, drug use, education, you name it. They can be powerful vehicles for both fantasy, reality, and are crafted for every age group. Maybe it’s time you gave a comic a chance or jump back in if it’s been a while. Moving on, let’s take a look at some objectives we had for year one.

Goal number 1 was to find some bloggers who wanted to contribute content because there was no way I could write every article and there’s no way that I would want this site to have one point of view or perspective. We are a collaborative and fan driven community and we will always be. If you want to become a blogger for comichype, use the contact page and let me know, especially if you are female. I know there are plenty of women who dig comics so if you know one, please share our page with them as we do not yet have any blog contributors that are women.

Goal number 2 was to administer the site. Learn a few things about Google Adsense, SEO, WordPress, plugins, theme specific configurations, etc. It’s gotten to the point where I am comfortable with this design, layout, and comment system, and I foresee us utilizing this branding and process for a while. (Not to mention the amount of work it would be to overhaul the site now anyways) The newest addition to the site includes Facebook authenticated commenting and a training video of sorts that has been custom made for our bloggers. I initially wrote a document containing how-to instructions but have started using video to record actions and we can use Mikogo if any of our bloggers want live support.

Goal number 3 was to integrate our Facebook page, blog content, and Twitter feed in some way to make administration easier and to notify our audience efficiently with new post alerts and comic related information. We’ve had a tough time gaining Likes and Followers but hopefully the quality of our content is what will increase those numbers as we move ahead. I’ve debated with myself on whether or not I care if we have 30 or 3000 followers/likes and the jury is still out. For now, I just want to focus on enjoying and sharing comics. We are not trying to compete in social media but enjoy using it as part of the site. That said, we recently opened a Tumblr site in order to share our content further and also started a YouTube Channel.

Goal number 4 was to develop. By develop I mean look at the first blogs we started doing and see what we can do to make them better. Are there any standards we should follow, what makes our site unique, how can we openly share our views and opinions in such a way that you would associate the bloggers, their style, and their content to comichype? All of this turned into an on-going effort, as in year two, I’m hoping to make further progress. Much of our time will be spent here as we focus on ways to make this site a bit more unique. Collaboration will be the key to our success here I think.

Goal number 5…. I really can’t remember. I started this site so fast and with so little planning that I’ve been trying to learn and grow as time moved on. I have undergone a tremendous amount of personal change in this first year but the site has pressed on and will continue to do so. One item I am very interested in is video blogging or vblogging content and or reviews. Many sites are using video blogs and it’s one thing to sit down, read, and write an article, and it’s something completely different when you speak and present the article. Right now it’s just a thought and I have no idea how many of our bloggers would be interested in such a thing but I can see us trying it in year two at some point. It’s really about education, keeping things fresh, improving ourselves, our abilities, and our style in sharing comic related content. It would be nice to conduct writer and artist interviews, store owner interviews, publisher interviews, etc, record them via podcast or vblog, and then share them on the site.

Our Bonus Mission: Obtain access to printed and/or digital material in order to review the latest content and share our opinions with our audience. When we first started out, every review we did came from our own pockets. Every book was purchased and we shared them in our own way. Year two starts us out with ‘press’ relations with Titan Books, IDW Publishing (still in process), Top Cow, and Dynamite Publishing. Freaking cool! Hopefully in year number two we’ll be expanding on that list but either way we’ll always be purchasing print as well as digital comics, attending events, and sharing our thoughts and experiences.

I hope you have enjoyed the site in our first year and I thank every one of you who have given us even just a snippet of your time. Now…. go read something and then come back here and share it with us! We encourage you to post on our Facebook page and either start or join in on conversations. Find us on Twitter, start following your favorite artists and writers, and take part in this fun and exciting community.

Thank you everyone! Especially to our contributors for year one, all of whom are listed below.

Bugz – As a boy was a heavy comic book reader (Spawn especially). Joined the Air Force, and his parents tossed out his entire comic collection! The recent slew of Comic related movies has really re-energized his passion for comics. Learn more about Bugz and follow him online here: Facebook


Scott – An early contributor and somewhat of a co-founder of comichype.com. Scott has been reading and enjoying comics and film since a very young age. He’s been to New York & San Diego Comic Con, met celebrities, authors, actors, you name it. He always has a positive attitude and likes sharing comics with the world. Follow Scott.


TheChin – A married father of three and comic book enthusiast, Mike has been a Punisher fan since the ripe young age of eight. Halloween is his absolute favorite holiday and he usually works on a costume months in advance. Last year he suited up and went to a few conventions dressed as Captain America and The Punisher.


Jason – A Movie and TV lover since childhood, he especially enjoys blockbuster comic films. Any film that is a comic book adaption, he owns it. Not only film, Jason also enjoys comics that are turned into television shows. This includes The Walking Dead, Smallville, and X-men (animated).


Tony – A Comic lover for nearly 30 years, his encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel & DC Universe is matched only by his encyclopedic knowledge of movies and TV. This has led to many an exclamation of “That’s not how it was in the comics!” while watching the recent explosion of comic related movies. His favorite superhero is Superman because really, Supes is the MAN!! You can follow Tony on twitter @AnthonyCruz79.



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Creator, blogger, editor, and administrator of comichype.com. Inspired by DC’s New52 release in 2011, Tom created comichype simply to have fun with blogging, inspire new as well as re-born readers, and to share the magic that is comics and superheroes.

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