TopCow Panel at NYCC 2012 Reveals Upcoming Crossover

TopCow at NYCC2012

I had an opportunity to attend our friends, Top Cow’s panel Saturday at NYCC, and there are many notable and exciting things coming up from them in the next year. Be sure to read the bulleted items below and check out the bottom of this post for some giveaway items we’ll be offering soon! This panel was great and if you read comics, you really need to be part of TopCow as they move into 2013!

The panel of Matt Hawkins, David Hine, Jeremy Haun, and Tim Seeley gave the scoop on upcoming news and releases for TopCow:

  • The Darkness has a great jumping on point for new readers starting with issue 106 as David Hine and Jeremy Haun tell a tale where there is something more sinister than the Darkness and that even it should fear.
  • 20 years to the date it was released, Cyberforce will be available (For free) on October 17 at comic shops and digitally. The series was described by Hawkins as an update reboot (see review on Comichype.)
  • Tim Seeley on Witchblade: There would be free content available on Newsarama down the road.
  • The Artifacts/Darkness crossover was announced. It will revolve around Hope, Jackie Estacado’s and Sarah Pezzini’s daughter from a previous universe, and will be entitled Progeny.
  • Stjepan Sejic has an enormous fantasy tale he wishes to tell in 10 volumes and TopCow will be publishing them. A mural painter, Sejic’s epic, will have fantasy, high adventure, sweeping landscapes, dragons, etc. The first 40 or so pages would be released free by TopCow, with the first volume measured at 128 pages in length. Stay tuned.
  • Regency has optioned the film rights for “The Darkness.” Look for it down the road as well.
  • Hawkins stated that he would be working on a new series called “Control” dealing with modern-day eugenics. I asked what the future of Think Tank was, and he said that it would go at least 12 issues, possibly more.

It was great to talk to Matt after the panel and thank him for the content he provides to comichype. We have a few Comic Con exclusives he provided to us and we’ll be giving them away, so stay tuned for details and be sure to check out Cyberforce this week at comic shops or digitally, and if you love the Darkness, now is the time to get into it!


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