Mars Attacks The Holiday’s One-Shot: For Out Of This World Enjoyment

Perfectly capturing the spirit of the comics banned in the 1950’s and updating them with more modern sensibility, MARS ATTACKS by IDW has had an intelligent brand that mixes both humor and 50’s style sci-fi in a neat package. And now, Mars Attacks the Holidays, in a hilarious, well executed one shot.

Featuring some top indie comic talent such as Fred Hembeck, Dean Haspiel, Ian Boothby, Tone Rodriguez and more, this wacky one-shot has four stories featuring Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as the backdrop for Martian, slapstick disintegration and human resistance against it. By far, the stand out tale in this jam book is the Dean Haspiel Christmas tale that has a group of survivors holed up in a building in Red Hook, New York, against a small detachment of Martians. Mixing old military history and adding it to the situation really makes the tale an intelligent stand out in the book. However, that’s not to say that Fred Hembeck’s tongue in cheek Halloween tale isn’t worth it, nor does it mean Ian Boothby’s Thanksgiving Day parade hilarity (featuring Donald “Triumph”) is not to be looked at and enjoyed. They ALL should be.

With the holiday season nearing, Mars Attacks The Holiday’s is a creator jam book that is packed to the gills with humor, fun, and martian disintegration’s of people and animals. It is a perfect mix of the 1950’s paranoia surrounding alien invasions, that has been re-imagined for today. With no prior knowledge needed, this is the perfect place to start reading about gullible humanity and little green, grotesque men. Check it out this Halloween, October 31, on comixology and at local comic shops. A big book for a great price, and all the Martian murder one could ask for! Happy Holidays!


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