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About Brandon

Brandon’s father bribed him with a Spiderman comic at age 7 and he’s been addicted to comics ever since. An avid fan of comic books and any media they inhabit, he’s been known to talk about them with passion as he’s won prizes from radio stations for it and annoys coworkers whenever a comic book movie comes out. Despite loving it all comics, he readily admits his favorite hero is Iron Man.

About Bryan

A comic book aficionado, has been reading comics since Jason Todd was alive (the first time) and Bucky was dead. He has read Amazing Spider-Man uninterrupted since 1991 and also reads multiple other titles from many publishers. A past attendee of San Diego and New York Comic-Con, his favorite TV show of all time is Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and he obsesses over anything Joss Whedon. If you ask him, Firestorm is the most awesome character ever created.

About Bugz

As a boy was a heavy comic book reader (Spawn especially). Joined the Air Force, and his parents tossed out his entire comic collection! The recent slew of Comic related movies has really re-energized his passion for comics. Learn more about Bugz and follow him online on Twitter.

About Chris

Chris has been a comic book fan since he was first given a copy of Spiderman at the age of oooh let's say 6ish. When he reached the age of reason and saw the error of his ways, he converted to the church of Batman and never looked back. When he's not obsessing over the Caped Crusader he's also a devoted uncle, gamer, a serious movie/TV buff and voracious reader of books without pictures. That is, unless it's the end of November in which case good luck finding him as he'll be covered head to toe in camouflage and crouched in a tree stand in upstate New York.

About Jason

A Movie and TV lover since childhood, he especially enjoys blockbuster comic films. Any film that is a comic book adaption, he owns it. Not only film, Jason also enjoys comics that are turned into television shows. This includes The Walking Dead, Smallville, and X-men (animated).

About Mike

An amateur poet, gamer, comic, film, animation, craft spirits, toy and memorabilia aficionado, Mike has been reading and collecting comics and playing games for the better part of his life. He enjoys critiquing and reviewing pop culture, as much as he enjoys classical literature, while towing the line between professionalism and hedonism. His attempts to correct the views on all things people consider childish and foolish bear fruit, even if it is one branch at a time, one person at a time.

About Scott

An early contributor and somewhat of a co-founder of comichype.com. Scott has been reading and enjoying comics and film since a very young age. He’s been to New York & San Diego Comic Con, met celebrities, authors, actors, you name it. He always has a positive attitude and likes sharing comics with the world.

About Tom

Creator, blogger, editor, and administrator of comichype.com. Inspired by DC’s New52 release in 2011, Tom created comichype simply to have fun with blogging, inspire new as well as re-born readers, and to share the magic that is comics and superheroes.

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